How To Install An Interlock Ignition Device

Need to know how to install an interlock ignition device? Typically, only people who have been court-ordered have to have a monitoring device installed in their cars, although there are some self-aware people who do it on their own. Even if you know how to install an interlock ignition device, it is illegal to install one yourself, as well as foolish. Most states require that you have a professional install your interlock ignition device, as it has to be calibrated. The following steps will help you remain in compliance and transition smoothly through this difficult time in your life.

To install an interlock ignition device, you will need:

  • All of your paperwork from probation/parole
  • Official documents from the court
  • A calendar
  • A "To Do" list
  1. Review all documents. Carefully read all government or court-ordered documents that you have received. Get a file folder so that you can keep everything together. Regarding all the particulars of installing your interlock ignition device, make sure you understand the requirements and exactly what is expected of you.
  2. Get organized. You may have a number of things to do at this point in your life, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t have some semblance of an organized plan. If you have to attend alcohol or drug classes or do community service, it would be a good idea to print a calendar off the internet so that you can keep up with all of the dates and times. If you have probation fees to pay, don’t forget to put those dates on the calendar. You may want to make a “To Do” list. After you have reviewed when your deadline is to have your interlock ignition device installed, put that on your calendar also. This is vitally important. You do not want to forget to get this done.
  3. Complete all the forms. Your state will want forms and applications to be filled out and signed regarding what vehicles you will be installing the interlock ignition device into. If you drive a company vehicle and your employer does not want to install an interlock system, you may submit an Employer Declaration for Ignition Interlock Waiver, which can be found online. However, you will have to have the interlock ignition device installed in your personal car. Failure to do so may void your contract with the court. Verify your vehicle information and send it in directly after filling out the forms so that you can mark that off your “To Do” list. You may forget later, so get it out of the way.
  4. Find a state-approved ignition interlock installer. Look for a close, inexpensive shop near you. Most of their monthly lease charges range from about $50 to $75. Find one that will be readily available to you in case your interlock ignition device malfunctions or other problems arise. Make sure that the model they will install is approved. Also, ask if you may have the installation cost waived. If you are indigent, some states will not require you to pay as much, but you will have to prove that you cannot afford it.
  5. Send confirmation to the court. After your interlock ignition installer has put it in your vehicle, calibrated it and showed you exactly how to operate it, he will give you a form that you will need to send in to the court and/or your probation officer. Oftentimes they will even send it to the proper authorities for you. Try not to miss any of your monthly ignition interlock appointments, as this does not look good to the court. Moreover, try to keep up with the monthly breathalyzer payments.
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