How To Install Invision Headrest Lcd Monitor

Learn how to install Invision headrest LCD monitor in your vehicle. Installing headrest LCD monitors in cars and trucks today is becoming more and more common. Whether you just want to "pimp" your ride or need a way to keep the kids quiet on a long trip, you can install an Invision headrest LCD monitor yourself following these steps.

To install Invision headrest LCD monitor, you will need:

  • Invision LCD monitor
  • Sharpie marker
  • Utility knife
  • Razor blade
  • Invision headrest housing bracket
  • Drill
  • Screws
  1. Remove the headrest from your vehicle, if possible. You can remove most headrests by simply adjusting it upward until the headrest comes out of the slots. Note that on some vehicles you must press an "unlock" button to raise the headrest until you can remove it.
  2. Measure the Invision LCD Monitor that you wish to install. Note that you need to measure the height, width and diagonal width of the unit. Record your measurements.
  3. Lay the headrest on a solid surface and mark the dimensions of the back of the headrest. Use a sharpie marker.
  4. Cut an "X-shaped" section in the headrest within the marked dimensions. Use a utility knife.
  5. Open the flaps of the "X-shaped" cut. Remove the inner padding foam of the headrest using a razor blade. Remove enough of the inner padding until you can clearly see the metal support plate.
  6. Cut the flaps off of the headrest, staying inside the marked lines. If you are unsure, cut short. It is always easier to cut more if you didn't cut enough.
  7. Install the Invision headrest housing bracket. Drill holes in the metal support plate and secure the bracket using screws.
  8. Install the LCD monitor into the bracket. Route the cable through the bottom of the headrest, cutting a small hole so the cable can pass through.
  9. Reconnect the headrest to the car seat.

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