How To Install An iPod Connection For Car

Need to know how to install an iPod connection for car? Installing an iPod connection for a car can be done in several different ways. One of the best ways is to install an iPod "smart" connection to the stereo in your car. This method has the most involved installation process, but can provide the best experience during use as well. Some devices of this type can pass song information to your stereo, and allow you to switch songs using a remote. Follow these steps to learn about how to install an iPod connection for your car.

What you will need:

  • iPod "smart" connection kit
  1. Remove the power cables from the car battery to the rest of the car. This will prevent damage to your vehicle's electronics, as well as injury to yourself while working.
  2. Remove the dash panels around the stereo head unit in your vehicle. You need to do this to access the stereo and cables behind it.
  3. Unscrew the head unit from the mounting area. Attach the audio cable from the iPod connection module to the head unit.
  4. Secure the iPod connection module in a location, such as a glove box or storage area near the front of the car. You will want this device out of the way and somewhere where you can put the iPod that you will be attaching to it too.
  5. Connect the data cable from the iPod module to the head unit. This cable sends track information to the stereo. Not all kits will include this cable.
  6. Connect the power cable for the iPod module to the power outputs in your car. Be careful to check the wiring diagram for your device to connect it properly.
  7. Connect the audio cables to the back of the car stereo. Connect the other end to the output on the iPod connection module.
  8. Replace the head unit with screws and the surrounding dash panels. Route the wires connecting the head unit into the glove box or the location you have installed the iPod connection module. Reconnect the power cables to your car battery.

Tip: Other methods for connecting an iPod to a car stereo that can provide an easier installation include: Using a cassette deck adapter, FM transmitter, or a line in connection.

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