How To Install iTunes On Your Windows Computer

Chances are you have seen how amazing the iPod and iPhone devices are, thus you need to know how to install iTunes on your Windows computer. This software that manages files for iPods and iPhones has gotten better than ever since its first version. You want to get the most out of your Apple device and iTunes is an integral part in your full enjoyment.

Make sure your PC is rightfully equipped for iTunes. The requirements aren't too demanding. Your computer should have these minimum specifications:

  • 1GHz Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM of 512MB or 1GB if you choose to play HD video, an iTunes LP, or iTunes Extras
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768
  • DirectX 9.0-compatible video card with 32MB of video RAM
  • QuickTime-compatible audio card
  • Broadband Internet connection to surf the iTunes Store

Here are the steps to install iTunes on your Windows computer to get you started in enjoying some of the best digital innovations of the 21st century:

  1. Download the latest and greatest version before you get into installing iTunes. Nobody wants to be stuck with bugs from previous versions. The official site of iTunes is of course the best source for the software so pop into and download the latest version. Click the big "Install" button on the homepage and the site will take you to the download page. You can then choose to enter your email address or not. Enter your email address only if you wish to receive email updates from Apple regarding iTunes. If you don't wish to receive email updates, remove the checkmarks from the two boxes that each ask if you want to receive email alerts. Click the "Download Now" button to save the file in your computer. Save the file in the folder of your liking.
  2. Open the iTunes installer file. Locate the file under the folder you've chosen to save it in. Windows will ask you if you're certain you want to open iTunes installer as it is an executable file. Choose "Yes." Downloading from the official source of the software guarantees you are not opening a dangerous piece of software. The iTunes installation wizard will open up. 
  3. Follow the iTunes installation wizard as it guides you through the user-friendly installation process. The first window on the installer displays a brief overview of iTunes. Click the "Next" button to proceed to the user agreement. Read through the user agreement and click "Next" again if you agree to it. The iTunes installer will then ask you where you want to save iTunes. By default iTunes is saved under C:\Program Files\iTunes. Only click the "Change" button if you want to save iTunes somewhere other than this default location. Take note of the two options that are checked by default on this step. The first option box states that an icon of iTunes will be saved on your desktop. The second option states you want to use iTunes as your default player for audio files. Only choose to remove the checkmarks on these boxes if you don't agree. Leaving them checked is advised. You also have the option to change the default language instead of English if you prefer in this step.
  4. Start installing iTunes on your PC. Click "Install" after you're satisfied with the options the iTunes installer provided in the previous step. You can always choose the "Back" button before installing if you wish to change your options.
  5. Start using iTunes by clicking the "Finish" button.

You are now ready to enjoy iTunes along with your Apple device. Whenever a new version of iTunes is available, iTunes will ask you if you wish to update your version as soon as you fire up the software.



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