How To Install Jon Boat Seats

If you find bench seats uncomfortable, then you may be wondering how to install Jon boat seats. Jon boats have bench seats that are usually made from the same material as the boat. These benches are usually uncomfortable, but it is possible to add seats to your Jon boat to make using the boat more comfortable and enjoyable. The following guide will show you how to add seats to your Jon boat.

To install Jon boat seats, you will need:

  • Your Jon boat
  • A boat clamp
  • Your seat
  1. To install seats in your Jon boat, you will need to purchase a boat seat clamp. This is the easiest and safest way to add a seat to your boat. You can buy one of these clamps at a store that sells sporting goods. If in doubt, you can always call a store before you visit and ask if they carry the clamps.
  2. Choose a location on your Jon boat where you would like to add a seat. The seat can easily be moved in the future, but it's best to put it where you want it on the first try. Place the clamp in the location where you wish to add the seat.
  3. Tighten the clamp around the bench. Read the manufacturer's instructions so you can be sure that the boat seat clamp is properly tightened.
  4. Finally, screw your seat onto the clamp. Follow the manufacturer's instructions so you can be sure that the seat is properly screwed into the clamp. This should be relatively easy for you to do.



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