How To Install Juno Internet Browser

There are different ways to learn how to install Juno Internet Browser. Juno Internet browser costs less than other ISPs and can be downloaded in as little as two minutes depending on your internet connection. It is simple to install. There is a free or a paid version of Juno Internet Browser. The main difference between the free and paid version of Juno Internet Browser is the free version does not block pop-up ads and users are limited to ten hours of surfing time per month; the paid version has unlimited internet access. Juno also has web based email. The installation process is simple.

Things you'll need:

  • A computer with internet access
  • Installation CD (optional)
  1. Download Juno Internet Browser from the Juno homepage. You can download the free software or the paid version of Juno Internet Browser.
  2. The free version of Juno is difficult to find on their website. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the webpage where you will see the "Download" link for the free version. Click on this link–it will tell you how to get the free version of their software.
  3. Install from an installation CD. If you do not want to download the Juno Internet Browser from the internet, you can call the makers of Juno Internet Browser and they will send you a free installation CD.

By following the steps above you should have no problems installing Juno Internet Browser. If you do, there is a lot of information and help on their homepage.

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