How To Install Kayak Car Racks

Learn how to install kayak car racks on your vehicle. If you own a kayak, then you may need a way to transport the kayak from place to place without the use of a trailer. You can install a car rack so that you can carry the kayak on the top of your vehicle when you go kayaking. This makes it easy to transport your kayak and you can install it on practically any vehicle. Install kayak car racks using these steps.

To install kayak car racks, you will need:

  • Kayak car rack
  • Phillips screwdriver
  1. Assemble the front half of your kayak rack kit by connecting the frame tubing together and tightening the screws. Assemble the rear half of the kayak rack following the same procedure.
  2. Push the ends of the load bar that supports the rack into the ends of the open supports on the kayak rack. Push the end caps on to secure it in place.
  3. Connect the front and rear half of the kayak rack together and tighten the connecting screw. Note that you must properly align the tubing and the screw hole in order to secure the two pieces together.
  4. Place the kayak saddle along the rear load bar. Secure them in place by wrapping the bracket around the load bar and tightening the wing nuts on each side of the bracket. Loosen the wing nuts to enable the saddles to slide so that you may adjust them for different sized kayaks. Repeat this step on the front load bar.
  5. Place the kayak rack on top of your vehicle, on the load bars. Wrap the bracket around the vehicle load bars and tighten the wing nuts to secure the kayak rack to the top of your car. You can now transport a kayak by adjusting the kayak saddles and securing the kayak in place along the saddles.
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