How To Install Kayak Rod Holders

Learning how to install kayak rod holders usually does not take too much time. Some basic tools, as well as a quality rod holder are needed. Following is advice on installing a rod holder on a kayak.

How to install kayak rod holders

  1. First, purchase a rod holder that is ideal for your craft. There are many types out there, but some of them are better suited for certain types of kayaks. Making sure that you have the right kind comes first. Outdoor outfitting companies and sporting goods stores are likely able to help you find the right rod holder.
  2. Often, the best rod holders are ones that may be mounted so that they are flush with the top of the craft. Although there are many external holders for sale, these, when installed correctly, prevent items from snagging, and they are not nearly as likely to be broken off.
  3. To actually install this type of rod holder, find an ideal spot where your fishing rod will be easily reachable on the kayak. Just behind the cockpit or seat is a fine place for these. The hardest part of installing a flush rod holder is making the hole that it must fit into perfectly. Measure the width of the rod holders (and be very precise), and then you will have to drill that out of the craft itself. In the right location, mark the dimensions of the width of the holder. Then, in the center of the area that will be cut out, drill a hole with a large drill bit. Use a small saw blade, such as that of a jig saw, and cut out the entire area in which the rod holder will be placed. It is important that you not overestimate the size of the hole, so start small, if necessary. Once the hole is cut out, simply place the holder in it, and drill holes for the screws or rivets, and set them in place.

Installing kayak rod holders is usually a quick process, but it must be done efficiently. The most important part in their installation is the measurement and cutting of the hole in which they will be set.

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