How To Install A Kenwood Car Stereo

Knowing how to install a Kenwood car stereo can easily save you the time and money of trying to hire someone to do it for you. Installing a Kenwood car stereo is no easy task. It requires that you have the proper materials and an adequate amount of time. If you are ready to go all in with this installation then follow these steps that will help you to install a Kenwood car stereo.

To install a Kenwood car stereo, you will need:

  • Kenwood stereo deck (this should come with an installation sleeve)
  • Wiring harness adapter
  • A flat head screwdriver
  1. Lift your car's hood. Make sure to disconnect the negative part of the battery cable.
  2. Connect the stereo wiring to the lead connectors. Use your wiring harness adapter lead connectors to connect it to the stereo wiring.
  3. Installation sleeve. Put the Kenwood stereo deck's installation sleeve into the mounting dock of the stereo.
  4. Secure the installation sleeve. use your screwdriver to fold down the metal tabs and make sure that the sleeve is secure and ready for the stereo.
  5. Connect the wires and the leads. Plug the wires and the wiring harness leads into the outlets of stereo. The outlets can be found on the right side, while the antennas will connect to the outlets on the left side of the stereo. Then put the Kenwood stereo deck in until it is secure and locks. Once the deck is locked in place replace anything that you may have removed to complete this installation.

Learning how to install a Kenwood car stereo can be fairly complicated so avoid attempting to rush this process. Set up a time and date in which you will install your Kenwood car stereo and stick to that date.

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