How To Install A Kenwood TS440S Antenna Tuner

Do you have a Kenwood TS440S and want to know how to install a Kenwood TS400S antenna tuner? Kenwood radios are one of those fine radios you can have for many years as long as you maintain them properly. It’s a classic and one of the best of Kenwoods. Installing a Kenwood antenna tuner is easy but has to be done with care. The following steps will show you how.

What you need to install a Kenwood TS440S antenna tuner:

  • 4 pieces screws (included with the antenna tuner)
  • Piece of cloth for the work area
  • Container for the screws and other small parts
  • Screwdriver
  1. Unscrew the top, the filter and the bottom cover of the Kenwood radio. Make sure that you do not lose the screws and the small fabric which is attached on the left side of the top cover if you’re facing the antenna tuner.
  2. Stand the radio on its side to have the opening and the chassis visible. Remove the tape which is securing the wirings. Set the tape aside because it will be used afterwards.
  3. Attach the antenna tuner assembly into the opening. The connecter should be on the chassis side.
  4. Remove the cable which is plugged into the filter unit’s FO terminal. This cable needs to be plugged into the antenna’s OUT terminal.
  5. Screw the antenna in place. Try not to squeeze or fold any cables, you may need to route some cables to secure the antenna properly.
  6. Connect the six pins and two pins plugs together. Then secure the wiring harness to the antenna with the tape you have set aside.
  7. Plug the rest of the cables. The coaxial cable and the one pin connecter go to the filter unit while the four pin and two pin connecters should be connected to the RF unit.
  8. Test the antenna if it’s working properly. Try a testing load by connecting it on the antenna.
  9. If it’s working, screw the cover of the radio back. Make sure you don’t move the cable connections.

Tips/Warnings: All cables should be properly connected for this to work. If not, double check if you didn’t miss any instructions. If you think the purchased antenna is the problem, check the warranty for possible product replacement.

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