How To Install A Lamp In A Sony Television

If your lamp has burnt out on your Sony television, you may want to know how to install a lamp in a Sony television. The lamp in a Sony television is what lights up the screen when you turn the television on. Over time, and thousands of hours of usage, the lamp's lifespan will eventually run out, and the lamp can burn out. A sign that the Sony television lamp has burnt out is when the colors become dull and the picture shows very dimly. You can purchase and easily install a lamp on a Sony television yourself.

To install a lamp in a Sony television, you will need:

  • A replacement lamp
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A hex key
  1. Unplug your Sony television. Make sure that you power off the Sony TV and then unplug it from the outlet. If your television was recently on, allow at least 30 minutes for the lamp to cool off before it is removed. If you have any additional components attached to your television, such as a cable box and DVD player, unplug those as well.
  2. Remove the control panel. Open the control panel cover and then unscrew the screw holding it in place. The screw will be located in the bottom right corner of the control panel. Once you unscrew the screw, you will be able to remove the control panel from the television.
  3. Expose the lamp cover. Locate and loosen the screws on either side of the lower rear side panel. This will enable you to pull down the lower front cover and expose the lamp cover.
  4. Remove the old lamp. Unscrew the holding screws over the lamp cover and remove it from the Sony television. The back of the lamp will now be viewable. Locate the lamp's holding screws in the top left and bottom right corners of the lamp. Use the hex key that came with the replacement lamp to remove the lamp's holding screws. Remove the old lamp by carefully pulling it out of the television.
  5. Install the new lamp. Slide the new lamp into its place and then use the hex key to replace the holding screws. Replace the lamp cover as well as its holding screws. Reinstall the control panels and rear side panels on your Sony television. Enjoy your television once again!



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