How To Install An LCD TV On Stand

Need to know how to install an LCD TV on a stand? Installing an LCD on a TV stand is one of the easier ways to set up your LCD TV. There are some precautions and things to keep in mind when doing this, which are often overlooked. Ensuring proper ventilation on the back of the TV and making sure it is properly secured and on a stable surface are two important steps to take. Follow the steps below to learn about installing an LCD TV on a stand.

To install an LCD TV on a stand, you will need:

  • A TV stand or similar piece of furniture
  • Screws
  • Furniture tie-down straps
  1. Attach the LCD TV tabletop stand to the bottom of your LCD TV. On some TVs, this stand can be removed for wall mounting. These stands are normally attached by screws at the bottom of the LCD TV. Consult the documentation for your TV for help if needed.
  2. Choose a TV stand or piece of furniture that is very stable and wider than the TV by at least a few inches. Make sure that if the LCD TV will be enclosed in this stand that there will be sufficient room for ventilation on the back of the TV. It is very important that there is about a foot or more of open space between the sides and back of the TV. This will prevent damage to your LCD TV from overheating.
  3. Position the TV out of reach if you have children in your home. This will prevent injury or damage from having the TV pulled down.
  4. Secure the LCD TV stand to the wall if it is fairly tall. Use a furniture tie-down strap. Locate a stud on the wall and secure the upper end of the stand to the wall. 
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