How To Install Leash On Bodyboard

A new bodyboard is immaculate and pure, which is exactly why you need to know how to install a leash on the bodyboard. Never ask a dealer to mail you a bodyboard with a leash already installed. The workers at the post office can get pretty rough and you may end up with a few dings. Plus, installing a leash is a simple task that will take you five minutes to accomplish.  

To install a leash on the bodyboard, you will need:

  • A Phillips screwdriver that is at least four inches long
  • A lighter
  • A quarter
  1. Mark it. Put your new bodyboard on the ground and lay on it like you are taking a wave. Look where the plug should be and mark it with the screwdriver. The standard is eight inches from the center of the nose. Some prefer the leash a little over to the right or left depending upon which hand they use to paddle.

  2. Punch it. Heat up the Phillips screwdriver with the lighter. You don’t need it red hot but you are going to push this through the bodyboard. Hold your bodyboard upright, find the mark you made and firmly shove the Phillips screwdriver all the way through.

  3. Plug it. Now insert the plugs into your hole. You want the part with the female connector on the top where you ride because this is where your leash will attach. Use the quarter to tighten the slotted bottom piece until the plug is flush against the bodyboard on both sides.

  4. Install it. If it is not there already, thread the string that comes with the leash through the female connector on your bodyboard. Now to install the leash on the bodyboard, slip the brass loop located at the end of your leash onto the string. Now that the leash is on the string, hold the two pieces of string together and make a loop. Pull both string ends through the loop and tighten. This is a simple loop knot but when you tie it with both ends of the string, it will never break.


  • Before you install a leash on a bodyboard, you need to know if you have a stringer. If your bodyboard has a stringer, do not put your leash plug in the center. Make the hole at least one inch to the left or right.
  • If your bodyboard has twin stringers, then you will want to make the hole in the center.
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