How To Install Leash On Boogie Board

You obviously landed on this page because you recently had your boogie board leash ripped off, or perhaps the rope broke, or maybe you just want to replace it with a newer stronger leash, and now you need tips on how to install a new leash on a boogie board.

  1. First and foremost, you need to find a surf shop that sells loose boogie board leashes. You may have a local surf shop that sells them, or you can just buy one online. Numerous auction sites, and websites sell them for varying prices. Chose one to your preferences.
  2. Next you need to figure out what size leash you want to install.
  3. Pop a hole into the boogie board with a screwdriver. Locate stringers on the board to ensure you place the leash hole in the correct spot. A stringer runs down the center of the board, or two stringers at the sides.
  4. Pop the hole about 6 to 8 inches down from the top of the board if there are no stringers in the way.
  5. Install the leash plug by following the included instructions that came with your kit. Most are put together the same way. You attach the plug on either side and then screw them together so they are tight and secure. You can use a quarter to tighten the bolts down best.
  6. If the leash did not come with the leash attached to the plugs, you simply tie them yourself through the leash plug.
  7. You're done. Enjoy the surf.
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