How To Install Marker Bindings To Ski

Do you want to know how to install Marker bindings to skis? Marker is one of the most common binding brands in the market today. They have been in business since the start of modern skiing, and they have been active in the process of developing the equipment that you see on the slopes today.

You will need: 

  • Two screwdrivers, one flat and one Philips, big in size.
  • A set of bindings. Check that the box contains all the parts, including screws for mounting the bindings.
  • A pair of skis. The holes containing nuts must match the ones you need for the bindings. If the skis have no holes, bringing them to a ski shop to make sure you don't waste them is recommended.
  • A work bench, able to hold the skis and some pressure.
  1. Place a ski on the bench, facing up.
  2. Present one of the binding plates on the ski, making sure both are facing the same side, as the binding's front and back side differ.
  3. Screw in the plate, making sure that there's no dust or other particles in the nut hole and that the screw goes in smoothly.
  4. As all bindings are different, check the manufacturer's manual to know how many screws are required. Tighten them evenly.
  5. Slide both parts of the binding in the plate's rail. The back part usually has a wire gate that you have to lift to make it slide, and the front has a trigger that works the same way.
  6. Some of the newer Marker bindings have a butterfly crank to adjust the distance between both parts of the bindings and the location of the system. Read instructions thoroughly.

With newer binding systems, all it has come down to is a couple of screws. So adjust your gear and head to the slopes, but remember that any maneuver is way easier at home than on the slopes.

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