How To Install Mods For GTA San Andreas

Knowing how to install mods for “GTA San Andreas” will help you create your own world within the game and will enhance your playing experience. “GTA San Andreas” allows you to carry out several types of modifications. For example, you can find mods to customize scenarios or personalize your character. To learn how to set these custom features, take a read through the article below. 

  1. Download the mods you want. There are a number of sites where you can download “GTA” mods. It’s better to download them from a site specialized in “GTA San Andreas.” The quality of the mods vary so make sure you choose one that’s rated highly by users.
  2. Download and install the “San Andreas Mod Installer” (SAMI). Make your life simple by downloading SAMI. This software installs the mods so that you don’t have to replace original GTA files with the new ones by yourself. SAMI is also useful if you want to uninstall previous mods. Once downloaded you can unpack and install SAMI in seconds.
  3. Unpack the mods (optional). Extract the mods you want to install. It’s best to extract them to your desktop so that you can find them quickly and easily. Each mod includes a “Read Me” file that explains how to manually replace the files needed for the modification. Since we’re using SAMI, you can delete them right away because you don’t have to read them.
  4. Start up SAMI. Launch SAMI, and then click on “Install a Mod.” If “GTA San Andreas” is installed in the default location, click on “Next.” Otherwise, you’ll have to manually browse for the directory location of the game or click on the “Detect” button so that SAMI will browse automatically.
  5. Select the mod. Now, browse for the mod file (it may be a zip or rar file) or folder. If it’s on the desktop, it’ll be easy to locate. You also have to select the type of file you chose by clicking on button indicating a file (zip or rar) or folder. Finally, there’s also a checkbox you may select if you want to back up your files before installation. Once you’ve completed all of this, click on “Continue.”
  6. Finish the installation. The next window will show you the features of the mod you’re about to install. Click on “Continue.” At this point, you’ll be asked to name the new vehicle, weapon, or item you’re customizing. You also need to select the specific item you want to replace; there will be a list of existing items of the same kind. Now click on the “Install” button. When you’re finished, exit the installer and repeat the process if you have other mods to install. If not, you can click on “Play San Andreas” and enjoy your new “GTA San Andreas” experience.
  7. Warning. Remember that mods don’t work with “GTA San Andreas Version 2.” If you have the second version, you can download a patch that reverses the game to version 1.
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