How To Install Netgear Wireless Router

Need to know how to install Netgear wireless router?  This article will help you install and setup the Netgear wireless router.  You don't have to be a network administrator to do this task. 

Installing Netgear Wireless Router

  1. CD/DVD.  First you will want to put in the "Install" cd/dvd to pull up the "Install Wizard".  It will install the software for the wireless router.  Before you begin you might want to choose which computer you will install the software on since in the future you may need to access the Netgear properties window to edit or make modifications to the wireless router setup.
  2. Wireless Router.  At some point towards the end of the "Install Wizard" you will be prompted to install the wireless Netgear router to the cable modem or telephone modem using an ethernet cable.  At the back of the modem, there should be an ethernet connection.  Just take the ethernet cable and connect the modem and the wireless router together. 
  3. Properties.  Next connect the computer to the ethernet router by using  an ethernet cable to set up the wireless router properties.  This will allow you to set up the wireless network name and the password for connecting to the wireless router.   Once you have completed this step you can disconnect the computer from the wireless router.  If it has a wireless card just set it up to the wireless router by finding the network name and using the password you assigned to the wireless network.
  4. Check the lights on the wireless Netgear router.  Now you want to make sure all the lights are coming on and flashing on the Netgear wireless router.  There will be a power light, internet light and wireless network light.  The wireless network light should be flashing green or blue not red or amber.  If it is flashing red or amber disconnect the power cord and wait five seconds before plugging it back in the wireless router. Now you should have the right color and can now connect the other wireless computers to the wireless Netgear router. 



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