How To Install NYC Mod For GTA 3

If you are a fan of the third installment of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, and wish to change up the city to better resemble New York, then you should know how to install NYC Mod for "GTA 3." A mod, or modification, is essentially a hack which can be installed to alter your gameplay. These can be as simple as changing the color of your characters clothes, or bringing NYC into "GTA 3." Mods are completely free to download and install as they are user-created.

  1. Start by making sure you have "GTA 3" installed on your computer. An easy way to check if it is functioning is either to start up the game (if you know where the file is) or by going into the Control Panel and checking your "Add Or Remove Programs" list. If it is installed, "GTA 3" will show up on the list.
  2. Proceed by finding an NYC mod for "GTA 3" online. Hundreds of such mods exist, and it is up to you to choose one to download. Note that most mods have incompatibility issues with each other, so you will only be able to install one NYC mod for "GTA 3" at a time. Make sure you avoid sleazy websites (which usually have crippling malware) and download only from official forums or fan-sites. Once you find the mod of your liking, download it.
  3. Every mod you download off the internet is in a compressed format to save up on space. To extract the files, you will need to use a software called winRAR, available for free on the internet. Simply run the file through that, and extract it to any easy location on your desktop. 
  4. Now, read the "read me" file located with your newly downloaded and extracted NYC mod for  "GTA 3." This will contain all the instructions needed to download the mod, as well as whether or not the mod is compatible with any pre-existing mods you downloaded for "GTA 3." Generally, installing a mod is as simply as copy/pasting the file into the main folder of your base game (the "GTA 3" folder).
  5. Start up "GTA 3." If your game works fine, and you can see the mod's desired effect, then it has successfully installed.
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