How To Install A Polk Audio LCI C In-Wall Center Channel Speaker

To add some serious sound power to your home theater, check out the following steps on how to install a Polk Audio LCI In-Wall Center Channel Speaker. With the right tools and hand dexterity, you can definitely install it by yourself although you should always be careful with fragile walls. 

To install a Polk Audio LCI C In-Wall Center Channel Speaker, you will need: 

  • In-Wall Speaker Wire
  • Tool Set
  • Tape Measure
  • Stud Finder
  • Drill
  • Utility Knife
  • Wall Plate
  1. Respect the speaker’s placement. As its name suggests, the speaker needs to be installed in the wall. Remember that placing the speaker in an appropriate location will allow for maximum quality sound distribution.
  2. Install the cable. One end of the cable should be attached to the speaker and the other to the wall plate. If you want to run cables through the room, you can remove the baseboard molding using a putty blade and a knife. Once removed, there will be a space where you can insert the wire horizontally through the wall. For now, mark the place on the wall where the cable will be inserted.
  3. Check for obstructions. Before making space for the speaker, check if there are obstructions behind the wall. Drill a little hole and see if there are pipes or wires in the area that could complicate the installation. You can also poke a wire inside to feel around.
  4. Mark the speaker location. Place the Polk Audio Speaker on the wall and mark its borders with a pen to form an exact outline of the wall section you’re going to remove. Be sure that it will be centered between wall studs.
  5. Remove the wall. Cut out the template you’ve just outlined such that there is a hole in the wall. Do this carefully so as not to cut out more of wall than necessary.
  6. Wire the speakers. Attach the wires to the speaker. Use your owner’s manual to check which are the correct terminals. Make sure that the wires are attached tightly enough because no sound will be delivered without appropriate contact.
  7. Mount the speakers. Once completely wired, mount the speaker into the wall. Carefully screw it in. Check if the speaker works properly and adjust it according to how you prefer the sound.
  8. Add the Polk Audio Grill. The grill will lock into place without much force. Carefully push it into the speaker.
  9. Wire to the wall plate. To finish the installation, cut out the hole that you marked on the wall before. Screw in the wall plate base. Connect the wires to each cover terminal and mount it to the base. Now you can fully enjoy your new Polka Audio Speaker!
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