How To Install Porsche 911 Center Cap

You might need to know how to install Porsche 911 center cap on the wheels of your Porsche after you remove the wheel. The center cap covers the lug nuts for the wheel and you can remove it with a special tool from Porsche. If you try to remove or install the center cap with a tool other than this tool it can damage the wheel and the silver paint on the wheel. Follow these steps to remove and install the center cap of your Porsche 911.

To remove and install the Porsche 911 center cap, you will need:

  • P-72192290 removal tool

To install:

  1. Purchase a Porsche center cap removal tool, also called a "P-72192290" tool. You can find one of these tools online or purchase one directly from the dealer. Note that this tool also works with other Porsche vehicles such as the Boxster, Cayman and Cheyenne.
  2. Remove the center cap by fitting the tool into the two grooves on the cap. Tilt the removal tool to the side and the cap will pop off. Catch it with your hand so that the ground does not scratch it. Remove the lugnuts under the center cap to remove the wheel if needed. Replace the wheel and tighten the lugnuts when finished.
  3. Install the Porsche 911 center cap by lining the pins inside of the cap with the slots on the wheel. Press gently and evenly with your hand. The center cap should "click" when it fits into place. Be cautious and apply even pressure so that you do not bend the center cap or break the clips inside of it.



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