How To Install Power Steering To Sprint Cars

If your sprint car isn’t power steering yet, then you need to know how to install power steering to sprint cars. Power steering is installed to sprint cars regardless if you go to sprint racing or not. The following instructions will guide you on how to install an inboard mount power steering which is easier to install and allows more leg space for the driver.

What you need:

  • Power steering kit

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Wrench

  • Screwdrivers

  • Cleaning solvent

  • #10 push lock hose (3/4 inches, vacuum rate 20)

  • Mandrel fitting (#10, 90 degrees)

  • #6 hose with couplings (3/8 inches, 2000 PSI working pressure, 6000 PSI burst rate)

  • #4 hose with couplings (1/4 inches, 2000 PSI working pressure, 6000 PSI burst rate)

  • #4 hose with couplings (1/4 inches, 100 PSI working pressure, 300 PSI burst rate)

  • 2 pieces #3 O-Ring boss

  • 2 pieces #4 fittings (37 degrees)

  • Drill

  • Mounting Clamp

  • Mounting tabs

  • Welding equipment

  • Pump fluid

  1. Clean the hoses and fittings with cleaning solvent or soak them in hot water with soap. Blow or air dry the hoses and fittings and set them aside.

  2. Check for the two mounting tabs on the chassis. One should be on the motor plate top chassis tube while the other one is positioned on the steering gear mounting tube. Although the mounting tabs are standard on most chassis, if your sprint car doesn’t have both, then you may need to install mounting tabs using welding equipment. You may also use tube clamps or fork brackets for non weld mounting, but ensure that they are installed tightly. Measure the mounting tabs installation from the center of the chassis. If the bracket will be mounted on the inside of the tabs, then the measurement of the tabs is approximately 3 to 3/32 inches but for the outside of the tabs, it will be around 3/11 to 3/32 inches.

  3. Remove the snap ring and inboard mounting retaining cap. Set the removed parts aside.

  4. Unscrew to loosen the mounting clamp on the chassis. Insert the output tube of the power steering gear through the mounting clamp providing clearance for the inboard mounting bracket installation.

  5. Screw both ends of the inboard mounting bracket on the chassis mounting tabs. The upper and the lower mounting tabs may be installed either side.

  6. Slide the steering gear into the inboard mounting bracket. The part where the snap ring and retaining cap were previously attached to should fit through the mounting bracket.

  7. Insert the top mounting bracket over the input tube of the steering gear. Screw the upper mounting bracket on the chassis tube.

  8. Place the mounting retaining cap and snap ring back. Then, tighten the mounting clamp for the output tube.

  9. Connect the mandrel fitting to the reservoir outlet. Then connect the #10 hose to the other end of the mandrel fitting to the pump inlet.

  10. Connect the #6 hose or the pressure hose to the pump outlet. Connect the other end of the pressure hose to the steering gear.

  11. Remove the O-ring plugs from the pressure and the return ports of the power steering gear. Then attach the two O-ring boss and fittings where the two #4 hoses will be connected.

  12. Connect the #4 hose with the highest PSI to the pressure port. The other #4 hose should be connected to the return port.

  13. Fill the pump with pump fluid to test the power steering. Disconnect the drag link first before proceeding. Make three full left and three full right turns while the pump is running and cycling the wing valves several times. Stop the pump and allow it to rest for around 30 minutes then repeat the same step again.



Push lock on high pressure hose is not advisable for it may be disconnected while in use.

Test the power steering before driving your sprint car. This will allow you make adjustments if necessary.

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