How To Install A PS3 500GB Hard Drive

Between the music, movies, and games you have probably been running out of space and wondering how to install a 500GB hard drive in your PS3. If you're going to go through the trouble of upgrading you might as well go big so you don't have to do it again in another month or so. The good news is Sony made it easy to upgrade the hard drive on the PS3, so it won't be too difficult for the average joe to understand.

  1. Get your materials together. You will need to choose a 2.5-inch SATA notebook hard disk, either 5400 or 7200 RPM. You will also need a flash drive if you want to back up your existing files. The PS3 has a backup utility that makes this very easy. The last material you will need is a Phillips head screw driver.
  2. Once you've gathered your materials and backed up your files you're ready to start installing your hard drive. Turn off and unplug your system for safety since you will be getting into the guts of your PS3.
  3. Remove the plastic HD side panel, you should see a blue screw. Remove the blue screw with your Phillips head screw driver.
  4. You can now open the metal latch. Move the drive tray to the right and slide out the hard drive of your PS3.
  5. Remove the four screws on the hard drive. You'll want to be sure you have  a snug fitting screw driver because these are easily stripped.
  6. Put in your new 500GB hard drive for your PS3 and replace the four screws. Slide the tray back in and replace the blue screw. You can now replace the plastic HD cover.
  7. Turn the system back on and allow it to format your 500GB hard drive. Once it finishes formatting, run the backup utility again and download the files from your flash drive onto your new PS3 hard drive.
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