How to Install a Punching Bag

Who wants to join the boxing gym across town when you can learn how to install a punching bag yourself and save on startup fees? Yeah, you don't get the coach coming over to your garage or basement very often, but if you are training for health and fitness, your own bag can go a long way to meeting your goals.

What you need to get started:

  • stud finder
  • heavy bag hanger
  • a boxing bag with bag chain and swivel
  • a drill
  • a marker
  • wall anchors for your wall type
  • screwdriver
  • measuring tape
  • a buddy
  • a ladder
  • 1 plane ticket to your in-law's town/significant other's favorite vacation spot
  • a pair of boxing bag gloves
  1. Send your significant other on a trip. Ok, so you could just get permission, but the point is, when installing a punching bag it can sometimes just be best to get it done fast and done right without a back-seat driver. Even if you have permission, do surgeons have their significant other letting them know they are doing a good/bad job of installing that new kidney?
  2. Determine your wall type. You've got to know what kind of wall you are drilling into. If all you've got is sheetrock, your bag is going to come crashing down on the first punch, and you're likely to impale yourself with your wall hanger. If you are drilling into a cement wall in the basement, you'll need another kind of anchor. When learning how to install a punching bag use the right tool, don't be one.
  3. Find the stud. This might be what all manhood is about. You're sure to find the stud once you start boxing, but only if you install your punching bag right. Do it quick with an electronic stud finder, or go old-school and rap on the above mentioned sheetrock to hear where it sounds hollow and where you've got something solid to support your bag hanger. A wood (or metal stud) framed house gives you the opportunity to install your punching bag safely and securely; it just requires a little work on your end.
  4. Measure for height. You want to punch the bag, not the chain. Make sure that you measure from the swivel on the bag hanger down the chain and to the upper middle of the bag. You want the upper middle of the bag hanging at shoulder height when you are standing.
  5. Get your buddy. Now that the academic stuff is through, get your buddy so you can show off and get a hand when you need it. Put up your ladder and have your buddy help hold the hanger in place so you can mark the wall where you will need to drill. Mark the wall, put the wall hanger on the floor, and use a drill bit just smaller than your wood screws or as specified on your wall anchors to prep your wall.
  6. Screw it. You could give up now, but why would you want to when you're almost done installing your punching bag? Have your buddy hold the wall hanger in place while you screw.
  7. Hang the bag. Now that the wall mount is in place, install the punching bag. Put the chain on the bag first, rather than on the wall hanger. Your buddy will thank you in a minute. Have your buddy lift the bag like he's giving it the Heimlich maneuver. Tell him to man up and lift it a little higher so you can get the chain on the wall hanger, then thank him by offering him a beer.
  8. Call your significant other. Find out how the trip is going, and assure your partner that everything is fine and that you haven't been going out at night, etc. Your reassurances will go a long way when your partner returns, trust us.
  9. Punch the bag. Put on your gloves and punch it.

Now that you've learned how to install a punching bag, you can help all your neighbors stay fit. Invite them over to see the wonder of your newly installed bag, and let them know if they ever need help getting set up with their own outfit, they should just give you a call.

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