How To Install RG11 Coax To A Television

Installing RG11 coaxial cable to a television is a how to procedure that takes no time at all. To install a RG11 coaxial cable the television must be cable ready. The RG11 coaxial cable is the signal receiving mechanism for a television. The RG11 coaxial cable cannot be fitted to a noncable ready television. There are no adapters that will allow you to fit a RG11 coaxial cable to a television not properly equipped. Installing a RG11 coaxial cable to a television is a means to hook the cable into the television to receive the cable signal. This article will examine the process to install a RG11 coaxial cable to a cable ready television. Follow these steps if you want to proper and securely install a RG11 coaxial cable to your cable ready television.

Things you will need to do this:

  • Cable ready television
  • RG11 coaxial cable
  • Cable subscription


  1. Ensure the RG11 coaxial cable is long enough to reach where you have your television. Inspect the RG11 coaxial cable to ensure the head is in good condition. The RG11 Coaxial cable head should have a twist lock and there should be a copper pin extending from the head.
  2. Hold the RG11 coaxial cable between your thumb and index finger. Insert the head with the copper pin first into the hole in the center of the television cable receptacle. Push the RG11 coaxial cable in until it is flush.
  3. Turn the twist lock to the right. Continue to until the twist lock no longer moves. Give the connection a quick jiggle to validate its installation. Turn on the television and enjoy your favorite cable channel.



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