How To Install Safari Plugin 2.0

Need to know how to install Safari plugin 2.0? A browser plugin is an additional piece of software that expands the functionality or features or of a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. Most of these plugins are free and easy to install; below you can learn how to install Safari plugin 2.0 using the Greasemonkey plugin, which makes it easy to modify any website you are browsing using bits of JavaScript. This really enhances your browsing experience as you can, for instance, modify the font sizes and colors on your favorite sites to make them more readable as you desire.

  1. Download and install SIMBL by pointing your browser to the web address below. Close your Safari browser if it's open on your computer.
  2. Download GreaseKit from the address below. Then, install it by copying the GreaseKit.bundle file to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. If your plugins directory does not already exist, then create it.
  3. Open Safari once more. You should see a new entry called GreaseKit in your Safari menu.
  4. Install Greasemonkey scripts by visiting the Userscripts link below and choose a script to install. Click the "Install this script" button on the Safari installation dialogue box that will pop up. Confirm the installation when prompted.
  5. Check your GreaseKit menu to see if the script you selected is appearing in it. Confirm that the script is working by trying it out. Then you can go back to the Userscripts site to install other Greamonkey scripts.

The steps above show how to install Safari plugin 2.0, and this procedure will work for any Safari plugin. Once you have found the website with the plugin, follow the steps as outlined and you will be enjoying the enhanced features of the plugin on your Safari browser in no time.






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