How To Install Schwinn Elliptical Repair Parts

How to install Schwinn Elliptical repair parts when they wear or break down? For those who just bought the Schwinn Elliptical trainer, you should check the warranty coverage first before proceeding with the self repair. The warranty for parts covers up to two years in some models; however, most models don’t have warranty for normal wear and tear parts. To install the repair parts of the elliptical trainer can be easy with patience and diligence.

What you need:

  • Allen wrench (4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm)

  • Wrench

  • Screwdrivers

  • Container or rug for small hardware

  • Parts replacement

  1. Disconnect power supply before removing any parts. Ensure that your Schwinn Elliptical trainer is on a well lighted place, clear from any obstructions or children as you perform this procedure.

  2. Unscrew the worn out or broken part using the proper tools. Most Schwinn Elliptical trainer models use an allen wrench in assembling the parts together, and the same tools should be used to remove any parts. Almost all screws should be turned counter clockwise to loosen and turned clockwise to tighten. The proper tools are also supplied together with the trainer.

  3. Place the screws and washers in a small container or arrange them according to how they were screwed together on a piece of rug. This is to avoid losing the small hardware and guide you in screwing them back again. Handlebars and pedals have screwed washers which may also wear in time. You may also need to replace them.

  4. Unscrew foot assembly from the console mast if necessary. If you need to replace the pedals, you may need to detach the foot assembly and work on the piece separately. This is to avoid damaging the frame or other parts near the foot assembly.

  5. If the console is not working anymore and needs to be replaced, unscrew it from the assembly and carefully lift it up without pulling the computer wire. Detach the connection of the console wire from the console mast. Once the console is replaced with the new one, connect the wire again and screw the console to the assembly.

  6. If the console mast needs to be replaced, unscrew the console assembly from the mast and disconnect the wire. Remove any mast cover, handle bars or foot assembly using the wrench or screwdrivers. Unscrew the mast from the frame and disconnect the wire connecting to the frame. Reverse this step to assemble the new mast and the other parts back together.

  7. If the frame is the one which needs to be replaced, you will need to disassemble every parts connected to the frame. You may need to detach the handlebars first, the console, then the foot assembly, the console mast, the front and the rear stabilizer together with the extrusion assembly if any leaving the frame alone. Schwinn gives years of warranty on frames and if it’s an obvious factory defect, they may replace the entire unit for you.


Check your assembly or user manual about the warranty of your trainer which may save you time and money.

Regularly check the screws, bolts and nuts of your trainer and tighten them if needed. Lubrication on the hardware may also be needed when the elliptical trainer has been long used. This simple maintenance may avoid unnecessary noise, damaging parts or minor accidents.

Cover your Schwinn Elliptical trainer when not in use. Also, do regular cleaning with dry soft cloth on the frame and the bars and a separate cleaning cloth for the pedals.

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