How To Install A Second Tv Cable Line

Need to know how to install a second TV cable line? Installing a second TV line can be fairly simple. Howver, one challenge you may face is running the cable through walls or ceilings to a second location. If this isn't the case you will only need a few products to finish this project. Follow these steps to learn about how to install a second TV cable line.

To install a second TV cable line you will need:

  • Coaxial cable
  • Coaxial cable two-way splitter
  1. Measure the distance from the location where you can install a cable splitter to the location of your second TV. This is to determine the approximate length of the coaxial cable you will need. Remember, it's better to buy a cable with extra length than having one that ends up too short.
  2. Install the coaxial cable splitter. You can do this either near the first television, or where the cable comes into your home, depending on which will be more convenient. To install it, unscrew the end of the cable that comes into your home. Attach the input connection on the splitter to this cable. 
  3. Attach a cable from your first television to the splitter. Attach the second output connection on the splitter to your second TV. 
  4. Get a second receiver. If you use a cable receiver to view extra channels from your cable company, you will need to order a second receiver. However, all basic channels should be available on the second TV without the second receiver.

If the video becomes grainy after setting up the second line, you can purchase and install an additional cable TV signal amplifier. This device is installed near where the cable comes into your home, and should help clear up any fuzziness.



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