How To Install A Serpentine Belt For 2006 Ford Fusion

Here are instructions for how to install a serpentine belt for a 2006 Ford Fusion. Ford Fusions need their serpentine belt replaced under certain situations. When a 2006 Ford Fusion is most likely due a serpentine belt change, as with car tires, the rubber belt will wear, crack and need replaced. There is usually a screeching noise which means the tension has momentarily been lost. This puts extra strain on the pulley's bearings meaning changing the serpentine belt is a must.


  • Socket set and ratchet
  • Breaker bar
  • A helper
  • Copper grease
  1. With the 2006 Ford Fusion jacked up and secured on axle stands, open the hood and locate the serpentine belt which meanders around five or six pulleys, depending on the model. If there is not a diagram on the slam panel of the belt's routing, draw a picture to ensure you fit the new one in the same way as having the water pump spinning the wrong way will be disastrous for your 2006 Ford Fusion engine.
  2. You will see the hardened plastic pulley tensioner. This has a bolt going through the center and needs a socket and ratchet on it to loosen it. Have a helper hold a socket on the crankshaft bolt to stop the engine from turning when you take the serpentine belt off.
  3. The tensioner will move towards the engine as the tension is released. You can then slip off the old belt, and slide on the new one. Do not fit it over the tensioner pulley yet, get the routing right first.
  4. Slip the belt over the tensioner pulley and tighten up the center bolt using copper grease on the threads. The serpentine belt is automatically tensioned by the tensioner, but make sure there is only around 1-2mm of deflection in the belt before you start the engine.
  5. Start the 2006 Ford Fusion's engine and run it at idle for a few minutes to make sure the serpentine belt becomes bedded in properly. Stop the 2006 Ford Fusion's engine and check that the belt is seated around each pulley correctly.
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