How To Install A Shoelace Clip

Learn how to install a shoelace clip and you won't have to worry about tripping when your laces come untied anymore. Once you put shoelace clips onto a pair of shoes, they will stay put until you decide to change or remove them. Shoelace clips come in a variety of styles, including a basic flat clip and a fancier curved type that matches the contour of your shoes. No matter what type you get, it should be wider than it is long, have a hole on either end for shoelaces to go through, and have two small slots near the middle on one side.

  1. Put on your shoes with the laces untied. Shoelace clips slide along the laces, so you could put them on without wearing the shoes, but it's best to learn to tie them with the clip from the angle you'll be doing it at—that is, while they're on your feet!
  2. Take the shoelace clip and hold it over the top of your foot so that the two small slots on one side are pointed toward your ankle.
  3. Thread each shoelace through the two round holes in the clip. Slide the clip down until it rests on top of the shoe.
  4. Cross the laces over each other. Slide the right lace through the little slot on the left side, and the left lace through the slot on the right side. The laces should go through the slots from front to back.
  5. Wrap each lace around under the small section of clip between the two slots, and slide the laces up through the slots again. This time the right lace should go up through the right slot, and the left lace through the left slot.
  6. Repeat steps two to five for the other shoe.
  7. Tie your shoes as you normally would. The bow and knot will end up resting on top of the small clip section that is between the two slots.

Shoelace clips are designed so that the natural direction the laces are tugged in during wear is resisted by tilted edges inside of the clip's slots. Even if your laces get loose or come untied, all sections of shoelace below the slots in the clip will stay tight, preventing your shoes from loosening and falling off of your feet!

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