How To Install Side Mount Flush Lever On Toilet

Knowing how to install a side mount flush lever on a toilet allows you create a more convenient flushing system for your toilet.  Side mount flush levels are a more modern choice for toilets, as it creates a flat front surface.  Side mount flush levers are a great option for those who choose a toilet seat with a back cover, as they create a surface that is free of any obstruction.

To install a side mount flush lever on a toilet, you will need:

  • Side Mount Flush Lever Kit
  • Pliers 
  1. Select the proper side mount flush lever.  Make sure you select either a right or left handed lever, which is determined by whether it is your left or right hand side, when you are looking directly at the front of the tank.
  2. First, remove the tank cover from the toilet.  Set the cover on a safe, level surface so that it does not get broken.
  3. Insert the side mount lever through the hole on the side of the toilet tank.  This should be placed in a way that the handle is flush to the side of the toilet tank. 
  4. Insert the spacer washer.  This will be placed over the lever located inside of the tank.  Slide the retaining nut over the lever, pointing the threads towards the tank.
  5. Continue to threat the retaining nut over the handle thread.  Turn the nut counter clockwise by hand until you are no longer able to turn it.  Continue another half turn with pliers to fully secure the lever.
  6. Connect the lever to the flapper.  This is done by attaching the end of the flapper chain to the designated end of the lever.  Give the toilet a practice flush to ensure there is proper tension between the lever and the flapper, and that the lever works properly. Once you see that everything is working properly, replace the tank cover.
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