How To Install Sims 2 Skins

When you know how to install Sims 2 skins you have the ability to diversify your character. Through the use of the skins the Sims game gives players the opportunity to change the way that their Sims look. You can do this by changing the skin tone of skins and downloading them through zip files. Having this amount of freedom and versatility in the Sims 2 game makes it even more fun to play. The zip files make it easier and faster for you to download onto your computer. Here are a few strategies that you can use to install Sims 2 skins.

  1. Install Sims 2 skins with zip files. Go to a website like "Around the Sims 2"  that allow you to download Sims 2 skins. Once you do this go to the folder in which you downloaded the skin to. Right click the folder and choose either to "decompress" or "unzip" it. You will also be asked where you want to send the new decompressed folder to. Send it to a location that you will easily be able to remember.
  2. Locate the files in the folder and copy and paste them into the "downloads" folder that is meant specifically for your game. Start Sims 2 to see how your newly installed skins look. If you aren't completely satisfied with this new Sims 2 look you can always go back online and download a new set of zip files that contain different skins. To do this just follow the same steps that you used above.
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