How To Install Stereo In Land Rover

If you’ve found the perfect stereo upgrade for your Land Rover but don’t know how to install stereo in your Land Rover, know that it’s not that complex a job. You will save gobs of money installing it yourself, and it can be done within a half hour to two. The main thing is to not yank and grab. There are wires, screws and clips that connect together, so take your time. Here are the basics on how to install stereo in Land Rover.


  • Radio Installation Kit
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Antenna Adapter


  • Flashlight
  • Wire Crimpers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Electrical Tape
  • Metric and Standard Sockets
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  1. Be safe. With the right tools, installing a radio into your Land Rover can be quite safe. If not done correctly, it could be not only harmful to your vehicle but to you as well. Always use a wire harness. They are a wire color guide that will be invaluable during the install stereo process. Incorrect wire probing may trigger your Land Rover’s airbag system. Always disconnect the battery ground cable before getting started, and watch out for the dash as there are sharp edges.
  2. Connecting the positive wire. From each speaker, connect the positive wire to the back of your stereo. Connect the negative wiring from all the speakers to your negative connection to the stereo. Note: if there is just one wire exiting from your speakers, then the chassis is grounded. You may need new wiring for the speakers.
  3. Grounding the stereo. Look for a black wire. Connect the stereo ground wire to the bolt or the screw at the stereo mount inside the dash. Always be sure to attach the ground wire to metal. Never connect it to fiberglass or plastic.
  4. Connecting the twelve ignition and constant wires. These are both positive red. Again, while connecting them to the stereo, make sure it is only connected to metal. Refer frequently to the wire harness if you do not feel confident during the part of the installation.
  5. Inserting the stereo. Put in your Land Rover stereo by sliding it into the opening of the mounting bracket. It should have come with your stereo and speaker kit. If it did not come with it, just use your old bracket from the previous stereo. Don’t screw the stereo in quite yet, as you will want to first test it.
  6. Attaching the harness and test the speakers. Plug the wire harness into the back of the stereo. You should only see one left over wire-the antenna. Just plug it in and reconnect your battery cable.
  7. Turn on the power. Turn your Land Rover on and try out the stereo by putting in your favorite jam. Make sure the stereo’s base and treble balance feature is how you like it. Check all the speakers and listen for any static or shorts in the wiring. Can you hear all four speakers clearly? If everything sounds good, screw the stereo in and replace the dash’s faceplate.

Use your electrical tape to tidy up anything unsightly. You now know how to install stereo in Land Rover. Congratulate yourself on a job well-done by cranking it up!



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