How To Install Stronghold Crusader

If you enjoy playing strategic war games, you may want to know how to install Stronghold Crusader. "Stronghold: Crusader" is a 2002 PC game that allows players to manage and defend their own kingdom. You must take control of your kingdom's fate by protecting crops and livestock from famine, droughts and predators. Often, neighboring kingdoms approach your own, intent on taking your land by force. It is up to you to fend these armies off by using any means possible. Before you can protect your kingdom, you must know how to install "Stronghold Crusader."

  1. Ensure that your computer has the minimum requirements for running the "Stronghold: Crusader" game. Your computer must be running Windows 98 or higher, and will need at least a Pentium II 330 MHz processor, although a 550 MHz processor is recommended. You will also need an 8x speed CD-ROM drive, a 56k modem for internet play and a mouse and keyboard. Your computer needs at least 64MB of RAM, or 128MB if you want to play online. An 850 HDD and DirectX 7 or greater video card and sound card are also required. 
  2. Put the "Stronghold: Crusader" CD-ROM in your computer's CD drive.  If the game does not run automatically, click "Start," "Run" and "Browse." Click on your CD drive icon, then select "autoplay.exe." Click on "Install."
  3. Click "Next," and read the license agreement. If you agree to it, click "Yes."
  4. Click the "Next" button to install "Stronghold: Crusader" to the default location, or click "Browse" to choose another location.
  5. Install Gamespy if you want to play the game online. You are prompted to install Gamespy after the game has been installed.
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