How To Install Stronghold Legends

Being the real-time-strategy aficionado you are, you need to know how to install "Stronghold Legends." Published as the third installment in the series, "Stronghold Legends" made its premiere back in 2006. Unlike previous titles, "Stronghold Legends" gave the player choices in who to lead their armies (such as King Arthur and Vlad Dracula). Need to install "Stronghold Legends" asap? Read the tips below to get started immediately!

  1. Start your personal computer. As a PC title, "Stronghold Legends" is only available on the Microsoft Windows platform. You can, as usual, power up your computer by holding the "on" button until the booting process commences. Wait for the PC to lead you to your desktop.
  2. Load "Stronghold Legends." Your next goal is to load up the "Stronghold Legends" installation wizard. You can do this on most PCs by simply inserting the "Legends" disk into the CD drive. Typically, this will load the "autorun" file which will start up the disk's installation wizard. If "autorun" doesn't immediately commence, go ahead and click "My Computer" and then the CD drive (usually "D:").
  3. Complete the wizard. "Stronghold Legends" will now give you various options such as installation size, location, and quick-launch/desktop icons. Select 'minimum' or 'full' installation size depending on your hard drive space available. You can select where to put all of the files, but most people just usually unload them in the "Program Files" folder in C: drive. Tell the wizard to make a desktop icon.
  4. Restart your computer. Press "Start" and "Restart" to turn off your computer and reboot it automatically. Some earlier versions of Windows (such as '98) replace the words "Turn Off" with "Shut Down." It will also work in the case of a 'forced shut down' (wherein the user holds down the "on" button until all processes cease), however this is not recommended for PC recovery.
  5. Load "Stronghold Legends." Double click the desktop icon, and wait for the program to initialize. The game might ask for some basic options such as language. Go ahead and confirm your options here, and enjoy the world of Stronghold once the game loads!

Once you install "Stronghold Legends" prepare to be glued to your computer screen for quite a few hours or even days. "Stronghold Legends" is a good RTS title that will bring you back to the basics of the genre.

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