How To Install A Sunroof In A Honda Civic

Learning how to install a sunroof in a Honda Civic is apparently a big deal in the Honda owner community. Installation isn’t that hard but it must be done right or it will leak. You can get a sunroof for less than $100 on Ebay. Let’s get started.

What you will need:

  • Manufacturer design information
  • Sunroof/Moonroof visor for your model of car
  • Tape measure
  • Portable radial arm saw with hacksaw blade
  • Tyvex Protective gear
  • Industrial grade automotive epoxy


  1. Do online searches to find out what specifications your Civic model requires. Ideally you will want to install it with the same specifications the factory used. This means that all dimensions will match Honda’s.
  2. Put on your protective gear then use the radial arm saw to cut a hole in the roof of your car. You will perform this to the exact specifications of Honda. This means you can download a diagram that shows you exactly where to put the hole, and how big it should be.
  3. Fit the sunroof into the hole. This is called proofing. If the sunroof fits snugly into the hole, steps one and two were performed perfectly. If not, take off a millimeter or two on each side until it fits. Once you obtain a flush fit, remove it.
  4. Finally add the high grade epoxy to the hole and sunroof, then fit the sunroof into the slot. Keep the epoxy and sunroof dry until everything sets. When this process is complete, you have just added a brand new sunroof.

This process isn’t very complicated but the goal is to not produce a sunroof that leaks. Many of these at-home installations leak but this process should produce a winner for you.

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