How To Install A Surf Leash

Knowing how to install a surf leash is an absolute necessity for any surfer, unless you want to be separated from your surfboard in the water. A surf leash is easy to install, and there are a number of ways in which it can be attached to the surf board.

To install a surf leash, you will need

  • A surfboard
  • A surf leash
  • A leash cord
  • Fishing line (optional)
  1. Before attaching the surf leash to the surfboard, you will need to tie the leash cord. This is done by tying knotting it in any manner. The easiest way to knot it is to fold the leash cord in half to form a loop and then pass the unfastened ends through the loop. If your leash cord has a sewn loop connection then you must ensure that the cord has been threaded before tying the knot. If your leash cord has a Velcro connection, then you can go ahead and tie it without worrying about it being threaded or not.
  2. Once the loop has been formed and the unfastened ends have been passed through the loop, pull the untied sides apart. This will tighten the loop. Ensure that some unfastened ends are sticking out of the knot to prevent the knot from opening while you're surfing.
  3. Once the leash cord has been knotted, then thread the cord in and out, through the plug on the surfboard. If you are having problems threading the leash cord through the plug, use fishing line to help push the leash cord through the plug.
  4. Now you will need to attach the surf leash to the surf cord. If your leash cord has a sewn loop connection, it will already be attached. The Velcro leash cord needs to be threaded at both loops of the cord.
  5. Now simply take the leg attachment and push it through the loop. Pull the leash all the way through the leg attachment, and tighen.
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