How To Install A Surf Traction Pad

Did you just buy a really cool, expensive sticker and are now wondering how to install a surf traction pad? Well, you are in luck. This is a very simple procedure and you can only mess it up if you’re so drunk you can’t see straight. Actually, you should be somewhat level headed when you put your big sticker/stomp pad/surf traction pad on. Removing a stomp pad is a nightmare. They use some serious marine glue. So like the Rastafarians say, measure twice and cut once mon.

To install a surf traction pad, you will need:

  • A surf traction pad
  • A clean surfboard
  • Nerves of steel
  1. Prep. To install a surf traction pad, your surfboard must be completely free of sand, grime, wax and God knows whatever else you oozed onto it. Seriously brah, clean it! Sometimes, the sticker fits perfectly, sometimes the sticker is cut in sections, but not all boards are sized equally so use your best judgment. You may have to trim it. Basically, you want it as large as the wax job you would slab on if you didn’t have a sticker.
  2. Slappy. Now, slap that bugger on! Remember, that glue is serious. It will solidly adhere with harsh elemental abuse for easily a season or two. So, make sure you don’t confuse the front of your surfboard for the back. Oh, and sadly this must be mentioned, make sure you put the surf traction pad on the top of the surfboard and not the underside.
  3. So that’s it. Go try it out. A surf traction pad is basically an eternal wax job that keeps your back foot from sliding off the board. Some surfers like the extra spongy spring they provide when you stomp them for tricks, while others loathe them when the thick foam catches a toe. It’s all up to you.


Kook alert:

There are stomp pads/surf traction pads/giant stickers for sale that you are supposed to cut into pieces to customize your funky footwork. If you buy this huge sticker, do yourself a big favor and don’t cover your entire board with it. They will totally laugh at you when you show up to surf. Not only is a giant sticker lame, but you will give yourself a nasty rash should you ever surf without a wetsuit on. So, keep it clean kids.

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