How To Install A Tachometer For A Speed Boat

Learn how to install a tachometer for a speed boat by following the steps below. A tachometer will provide you with the right feedback for any boat. Without it, sailing is a careless adventure. It’s easy to install one yourself, you just need to cover the basic procedures.

To install a tachometer for a speed boat, you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Towel
  • Owner’s Manual
  1. Select the right tachometer for the speed boat. Before conducting any installation, you always have to check that you’ve chosen the right model appropriate for the speed boat. Tachometers do not always come as universal devices. Check the tachometer’s provider and manufacturer. Ask about the compatibility and resistance. If a model doesn’t fit your speed boat, ask the original manufacturer for a new one.
  2. Remove the boat panel. Start by putting aside the panel. Use the screwdriver to detach it, and then carefully place it near you, preferably on a soft surface. A towel, for example, will prevent any unexpected scratches.
  3. Set the tachometer. Check if the pole position is correct. To adjust it, you will see a switch to set this option on the backside of the tachometer. Be sure to move it to “Twelve” to match the correct pole, otherwise it may not work the way you expect it to once you’re on the water.
  4. Install the tachometer. Before beginning, clean your workspace and disconnect the boat batteries to avoid electric shock. Now, with the help of the owner’s manual, find the engine cable that will be joined to the tachometer. Every model has its own color and size. Once you’ve found the appropriate cable, attach it to the tachometer. When connected, screw the tachometer to the panel. Make sure every screw is tight, and then place the panel back on again. Connect the batteries and turn on the engine. Now is time to test if it works.
  5. Maintain your tachometer. For every speed boat tachometer installation, you always have to check the fuses. Remember that the electronic system is an entire circuit and that the tachometer is just part of it. Check the wires and the engine once in a while. Change rusted boat batteries. Don’t ever sail without a tachometer so that you’re always aware of the motor’s condition.      
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