How To Install A Technics Turntable Belt

If you own a belt-driven Technics turntable, you will at one point need to learn how to install a Technics turntable belt. Over time, the rubber these belts are made of will decay, and they will stretch, wear out or break. Fortunately, these are rather cheap and easy to replace.

To install a Technics turntable belt, you will need:

  • A Technics belt-driven turntable
  • A new turntable belt
  • Your fingers (never pliers!)
  1. Ensure that you have a belt drive turntable. Belt-driven turntables are cheaper than direct-drive turntables, which are rotated by the use of a powerful magnet. The most popular direct-drive turntable, especially for DJs, in the Technics 1200 MKII. If you have this model, there is no belt to install. To determine if your turntable is belt-driven, lift off the rubber platter cover and rotate the platter while looking through the holes in it to the mechanics below. You will spot a motor spindle with a large rubber-band like belt on it. The belt extends to the platter itself, wrapping around a circular area at the bottom of it.
  2. Remove the old belt. Without removing the platter, reach through one of the platter’s holes and pull the belt outward and upward over the motor spindle.
  3. Remove the platter and the old belt. Carefully pull up the platter from the turntable’s center post. You may want to stick your fingers in the platter’s holes and give a gentle tug or two, being very careful not to put too much pressure on the center post or you will ruin your turntable. Now, remove the old belt from the turntable, which will either be sitting loose on the turntable or wrapped around the bottom of the platter.
  4. Install the new belt. Wrap the new belt around the bottom of the platter, where the old belt was. Replace the platter carefully on its center post, and push down to ensure it properly engages. Now pinch the new belt, which is wrapped around the platter’s bottom, with your fingers via one of the platter’s holes, and drag it carefully over the motor spindle and into the belt groove.
  5. Test the setup. Rotate the platter to ensure the belt is installed correctly. If the belt slips off, simply remove the platter and try again. If you have never done this procedure before, expect to have to do it two or three times before you get it right. Once everything is kosher, replace the platter cover and you are done!

Never use pliers or anything similar to install a Technics turntable belt. They are made out of soft rubber, and any little nick in them will become amplified over time, just like a rubber band.

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