How To Install A Telephone Jack

Learning how to install a telephone jack is simple and easy.  If the intent is to add a phone line to a new room, or move a telephone jack to another wall, this can be done easily within a few hours.  In some cases, a helper may be necessary during some tasks,  but doing this yourself saves a lot of time and money.

You will need

  • A telephone jack
  • A telephone junction box
  • A wall knife
  • A drill
  • A weight
  • Telephone line
  1. Before starting, decide what room and wall you want the phone jack to be located.  It’s best to select a wall that is not insulated such as exterior walls of a house.  Select a location where the junction box can be connected to a wall stud or support.
  2. Disconnect the main incoming phone line as a precaution.  Phone lines rarely carry enough current to harm an individual, but it can contain enough electricity to give a shock or cause a fire hazard.  Disconnecting this line also prevents you from damaging your currently installed phones and telephone jacks.
  3. Find an existing phone line in your attic or crawl space.  Cut it, insert a phone line splitter between the existing sections, and include your new section of telephone line.   Mount or store it in a safe and secure location.
  4. Create your hole for your junction box.   Make sure the hole is large enough for the junction box to fit into, but small enough to be completely covered by the phone jack cover.  Before cutting, you can determine the size of the required hole by using the junction box as a guide.
  5. Insert the phone cable into the wall space.  If dropping the cable from the attic above, you may have to put a small weight on the end.  Have a helper find it through the hole and pull the end through.  If inserting the cable from below in a crawl space, attach it to the end of a wire hanger.  Insert the hanger from below and have a helper pull it through the hole with the phone line attached.
  6. Insert the telephone cable into the junction box.  Insert the junction box into the wall and secure the junction box to the wall support and or studs securely.   Pull out enough of the cable to use for installation of the telephone jack.
  7. Connect the cable to the telephone jack.  Take note that the wires used are color coded.  The basic wiring colors are yellow, black, green and red.  If you have the newer telephone jack wires, there are white with a blue mark, blue with a white mark, white with an orange mark, and orange with a white mark.  In either case, the telephone jack only requires the connection of two of the wires to operate.  Make sure the same color coded wires are used as the connection to the outside telephone line.
  8. Finally, connect the phone jack cover to the phone jack.  Test the connection by trying a phone to the telephone jack.  It is now ready for use.


Doing your own telephone wiring

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