How To Install Timing Cover Gasket On Honda Accord

Knowing how to install the timing cover gasket on a Honda Accord can save time and money compared to a garage. Some of the automobile engines use timing chain along with sprockets to move the camshaft. A timing chain is mostly located in the front portion of an engine block. The timing chain is lubricated using motor oil and some pressure generated by it. Because of this it is protected by a metallic or plastic lid that is closed to avoid leakage of oil. With time, this gasket will wear out and will need to be replaced. The gasket is generally replaced even when the cover of the timing chain is taken out during the maintenance session.

Things You Will Need To Install Timing Cover Gasket On Honda Accord:

  • Wrench that is adjustable
  •  Drain pan
  •  Balancer and puller that is harmonic  
  •  Gasket for the timing cover 
  •  Screwdriver (Flat blade)
  •  Scraper for the gasket
  • Gasketer for gasket
  •  Funnel


  1. Remove the hood as well as the negative terminal of the battery. Do this by removing the nut with the clamp. Use a wrench and move it anti clockwise. Keep an oil pan below the radiator and take out the petcock by turning it anticlockwise. Let the coolant come out into the pan and keep it away so that it can be used again. Change the petcock of the radiator.
  2. Take out the harmonic and puller balancer along with the bolt by turning it anticlockwise using the wrench (adjustable). Using the puller take out balancer by keeping the puller on the balancer. Also screw the 2 bolts inside the holes on the balancer. Secure the bolts tightly using the wrench (adjustable) anti clockwise till the balancer moves from the crankshaft. Take out the puller away from the balancer by removing 2 bolts using the wrench anti clockwise. Keep the balancer away. 
  3. Take out the fan of the engine as well as the water pump. Remove the bolts which secure them by turning them anti clockwise using the wrench. Keep both the water pump and the fan away. 
  4. Take out the bolts on the timing cover by turning them anti clockwise using the wrench. Take out the cover of the timing chain using a screwdriver with flat blade if required. Remove the timing cover gasket on a Honda Accord and look for gasket residue accumulated on the surface over the block and remove from cover of the timing chain using a scraper.
  5. Use a small quantity of sealer and apply it to the surface of the block which houses the engine. Take the new timing cover gasket for the Honda Accord and position it on the sealer, ensuring that holes for mounting over the block align with the gasket. Take the bolts and turn them clockwise to mount the cover on the gasket using a wrench (adjustable).
  6. Change the fan used to cool the engine and its water pump by securely placing the bolts using a wrench (adjustable). Change the balancer placed on the crankshaft and secure bolt by turning it clockwise completely till the balancer is joined tightly.
  7. Take out the cap of the radiator by turning it counter-clockwise and fill it with the coolant that was kept in the pan. Use a funnel for pouring it back. Tighten the cap of the radiator. Join the negative lead of the battery by securing clamp turning it clockwise. Crank the engine and look for leaks. Secure connections if required. Put the hood back. Now you know how to install the timing cover gasket on a Honda Accord.
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