How To Install Valve Stems On Tires

Your tire keeps loosing air and you want to know how to install valve stems on tires. Losing air in you tire does not always mean that your tire is bad. You may just have a leaky tire valve stem that needs to be replaced. The valve stem is a little tube sticking out of a tire that you connect an air hose to get air into your tires. You can save money by installing a new valve stem instead of replacing the whole tire. Valve stems are very affordable and are easy to replace. With the right tools, you can replace a valve stem in just a few minuets by following a few simple steps.

To replace a valve stem you need:

  • new valve stem
  • lubricant
  • crowbar
  • pliers
  1. Take off the wheel from the car. Once the tire is removed, make sure to lay it flat on the ground. Next, you want to break the bead of the tire or simply remove the seal between the wheel and the tire. Since a lot of pressure or force is needed to break the bead, you can use a crowbar to pry the tire off of the rim of the wheel to help separate the tire from the wheel.
  2. Remove the old valve stem. You can easily remove the old valve stem by using pliers to pull it out from the inside of the tire.
  3. Lubricate and Install the new valve stem. Use a lubricant to help the new valve stem easily slide in place through the hole. To install the new valve, just put the stem through the hole and pull it through on the other side of the tire.
  4. Replace the tire back on wheel rim. Using the crowbar to assist you, carefully place the tire back on the rim of the wheel. Inflate the tire with air. Put the wheel back on your car. Your new valve stem has now been replaced on you car.
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