How To Install Water Pump On Porsche ’99 Boxster

You can install water pump on Porsche '99 Boxster yourself and save a ton of money in overpriced repair costs. Because the Porsche is a German import vehicle, repair costs are usually steep. Learn to perform regular maintenance and repair on your '99 Boxster and save money. To install a water pump on a Porsche '99 Boxster, follow these steps.

To install a water pump on a Porsche '99 Boxster, you will need:

  • Wrenches
  • Drain pan
  • New water pump
  1. Place the convertible into the "Service" position. Accomplish this by unlocking the top, raising the storage compartment and disconnecting the cables from the automatic convertible top.
  2. Open the rear engine compartment and unlatch the bolts that secure the carpet covering. Remove the carpet covering.
  3. Open the thermostat housing using a wrench and drain the engine coolant into a container.  
  4. Open the passenger and driver's side door. Slide both seats forward as much as possible.
  5. Remove the plastic bolts on the inside of the passenger-side wall and pull down the wall cover. Remove the metal bolts with a wrench, exposing the engine drive belt.
  6. Apply pressure to the belt tensioner and remove the engine drive belt from the pulleys. Locate the water pump at the bottom left of the engine drive belt.
  7. Remove all seven bolts connecting the water pump to the engine using a socket wrench. Extract the water pump and recycle it.
  8. Clean the mating service of the engine so that the new water pump will not leak. Place the gasket on the new water pump and insert engine in the '99 Porsche Boxster.
  9. Tighten the seven bolts you removed earlier and apply tension back on the belt tensioner. Reroute the engine drive belt and release the tensioner, double-checking your work to ensure that the belt seats on the pulleys properly.
  10. Fill the engine will coolant. Reassemble the engine panels and carpet covering. Reconnect the convertible top and start the car. Ensure there is no leakage.
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