How To Install Wii Rock Band 2 Wireless Drums

Learning how to install the Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit on the Nintendo Wii is really quite simple. With a few easy steps you will soon have your Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit up and running on your Nintendo Wii. Then you, and your drum kit will be ready to rock it to Rock Band 2 without the wires. Lets get stated with the Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit install on your Nintendo Wii.

  1. Get the kit set up if you do not already have this done. This means physical assembly as well as installing the batteries. That way we can begin the pairing without any delay.
  2. Turn on your Wii. Put in the Rock Band 2 game. Then turn on your drum kit if you did not already do so during the initial set up. The button is on the bottom of the drum pad so that you do not accidentally hit it while you play the game.
  3. Find the dongle. This is the device that will plug into your USB hub on the Nintendo Wii. Be sure that you have the dongle for the Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit and not the dongle for the other instruments. This should be easy to tell, as they are clearly labeled. Plug in this dongle to a USB hub or port on your Nintendo Wii.
  4. Press the drum button. This can be found on the top of the drum kit. Do this until it flashes blue. Then let go.
  5. Hold the sync button on the dongle. Still holding onto the dongle attached to the Nintendo Wii press the sync button on the underside of the Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit. After 30 seconds let go, and theNintendo Wii should have assigned the Rock Band 2 wireless drum kit a controller spot. 

Enjoy your jam session. If you have any issues you can call the support number of the pink paper in the box.



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