How To Install A Xl5200 Lamp Into A Sony Television

Learning how to install a XL5200 lamp into a Sony television can a bit tasking, but with some of the proper tools and supplies, then you can be back to viewing your television.  The most important thing to remember when installing this is to take your time and not rush the project. Keep in mind to have a friend there to help you with the technical things, but other than that you should be able to master this repair by yourself.  

To install a XL5200 lamp into a Sony television, you will need:

  • Standard Phillips or flat head screwdriver
  • Pair of pliers
  • New lamp
  • Pair of latex gloves to handle the lamp with 
  1. Locate the place that the lamp is located in the television and how its hooked into the television.  By doing this, you will begin to be able to replace the XL5200 lamp on your Sony TV. 
  2. Using the screwdriver, remove the screw to loosen  the connector.
  3. With this connector removed, go ahead and remove the other connectors that are holding in the bulb and casing. 
  4. There will be two clips on two corners of the bulb remove them with your hand. This will free the lamp up a little bit more. 
  5. With pliers in hand, remove the nut that is located at the top terminal of the bulb. 
  6. With your screwdriver, go ahead and unscrew the screws mounted on the sides to free the lamp completely. 
  7. To reassemble the lamp, just go back through the same steps that it took to remove the original. 
  8. When handling the bulb, put on the latex gloves to secure the bulb from collecting debris that might get trapped on it by your hands. 
  9. Your ready to put the housing back on go ahead and screw the screws back into place.  Be sure not to put to much tension on the bulb this could crack it. This last step should make everything that you have just done work out just great.  Now with the XL5200 lamp installed, hook the Sony television back up. 

Now that you have replaced the XL5200 lamp on your Sony television you can now enjoy that big beautiful television.  Now if by some mistake you have missed a step or two or maybe even bought the wrong bulb then now is the time to contact a professional for further help.  Either way you now know that doing this can be done and if done right you can actually avoid those expensive Sony TV repairs. 

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