How To Install XM Satellite To My Home Stereo System

Don't just settle for a Sirius/XM Satellite Radio dock's tiny speakers when you can learn how to install XM satellite to your home stereo system. The satellite radio broadcaster offers a variety of options for listening to their hundreds of channels, including stereo receivers that come with onboard support for Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. But one of the cheapest options on the market is a direct connect to your existing stereo system. With an affordable XM player and a couple of cables, you can blast Sirius/XM's vast variety of programming through the speakers on nearly any sound system.

To install XM Satellite Radio to your home sound system you will need:

  • An XM Satellite radio receiver
  • A stereo receiver with connected speakers
  • A cable that will connect your XM player/dock to an RCA input
  1. Make sure you have the appropriate cables to connect your device. Depending on which device you use to listen to Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, you may already have a cable that can readily connect to your home stereo system. If not, inspect the outputs of your device. Are there two color-coded (red & white) ports labeled "Out" on the rear of your satellite radio receiver? If so, simply purchase an RCA-to-RCA cable of an appropriate length for your home stereo setup. If your radio only has a small headphone output, you will probably need a 1/8"-to-RCA conversion cable. Sirius and XM offer a variety of docks and tabletop internet radios that have the capability to send outgoing signals, so check your local electronics retailer if your device does not have an appropriate output.
  2. Connect the XM device to your home stereo's auxiliary port. The color-coded RCA cables will help you keep the left and right stereo channels appropriately connected.
  3. Activate the XM device and switch the stereo's function to "Aux" or whichever input you used to connect the satellite radio receiver. If your stereo is properly configured and you have made the proper connections, your stereo speakers should now be playing high-quality streams of your favorite satellite radio programming.
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