How To Instantly Make A Girl Wet Over The Phone

Only the best lovers know how to instantly make a girl wet over the phone. It is easier than it sounds. Follow the tips below and learn what your girl secretly wants you to know: how to make her wet without even touching her. 

  1. Lower your voice. To make a girl wet over the phone, the first thing you have to do is lower your voice. A low, rough, quiet voice will go straight through her, making her wet and wondering what comes next.
  2. Say something out of character. Tell her you have a secret. Be slow to reveal what is on your mind. If you are the type of guy who never curses, tell her you want to f*&% her. Tell her you want to make her come. Chances are, by the time you've come this far, she'll already be close.
  3. Focus on her. Cheesy examples of phone sex always focus on what the man wants. You want to know what she's wearing, what she looks like, and how she sounds when she's turned on. In real life, the way to turn a woman on is to keep her desires in focus. Ask her what she wants you to do to her. If she has no ideas or is too shy to voice them, offer your own. In a silky, smooth voice, ask her if she wants you to touch her. Ask her if she can feel you kissing her. Talk her through a whole-body exploration. Ask her if she's wet. Order her around a little and get her to take off her clothes or touch herself.
  4. Make promises. When she's touching herself, tell her exactly what you are going to do to her the next time you see her. Tell her how good it will feel. Fulfill her fantasies in advance as you promise her everything she's always wanted.
  5. Masturbate and tell her about it. Now it is your turn. Begin touching yourself and tell her about it. Tell her what turns you on, what you are thinking about, and what you would do if she was with you. Describe it, using all your senses.
  6. Use all your senses to describe what you are feeling. Tell her how it sounds, how it feels, what it looks like when you touch yourself.  You can describe smell, and even taste, if you're brave enough. Women are just as turned on by masturbation as you are by a woman who likes to touch herself.  Take her to the edge, and over. Keep making her wet over the phone by giving her orders and describing her fantasies. When she is begging, tell her you want her to finish. The next time you see her, she'll already be wet for you.
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