How To Insulate A Hot Tub

Knowing how to insulate a hot tub can cut down on the electric bill. Improperly insulated hot tubs bleed heat and run up electrical charges. Fortunately, it is easy to insulate a hot tub. There are different ways to insulate a hot tub and save money.

Items You Might Need (Depending on the required insulation):

  • Spa cover
  • Floating insulation
  • Spray on insulation
  1. Using a spa cover to insulate a hot tub is the easiest method. It is especially effective if you live in colder regions. The spa cover will keep some of the heat from escaping the tub. Simply place the cover over the hot tub when not using it.
  2. If the spa cover is not enough, then using floating insulation to insulate a hot tub might do the trick. Floating insulation for a hot tub can be found at many local retailers or simply purchased online. The floating insulation does exactly what its name implies, it floats on top of the hot tub water to insulate the hot tub and retain more heat than a spa cover. Do not use foam-based floating insulation as the foam will absorb water over time and become less effective.
  3. A more comprehensive method to insulate a hot tub is to use spray on insulation to enhance the previously installed insulation. In order to do this, the water must be drained from the hot tub, and depending on the manufacturing method, it can be as simple as flipping the hot tub over and spraying the foam onto the existing hot tub insulation which will be on the pipes, inner cabinet, and the underside of the floor. Some disassembly might be required. Be sure to check the owner’s manual before trying this method. Spray on insulation can be purchased at most local hardware stores.



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