How To Interpret Tarot Cards

To learn how to interpret Tarot cards you must first learn to quiet your mind. Meditation is a perfect way to get your mind centered and focused. The next step is to memorize the meaning of each position of the layout used for the reading and the meaning of each card. Like with most things, practice makes perfect. Be patient as you learn.

To interpret Tarot cards, you will need:

  • Tarot Deck
  • Quiet room
  1. Select a layout for the cards. The most commonly used layout is the Celtic Cross Spread which uses ten cards. Cards one and two cross each other in the center and are surrounded by cards three, four, five, and six. Cards seven, eight, nine, and ten are in a vertical row to the right with card ten at the top.
  2. Memorize the meaning of each position of the spread. Card one represents the questioner and the heart of the matter. Card two represents the opposing factor or what crosses the questioner. Card three, at the bottom of the cross, represents what is beneath the questioner (unconscious influence). Card four represents what is behind the questioner (recent past). Card five, at the top of the cross, is what crowns the questioner (conscious influence). Card six represents what is before the questioner (approaching influence). Card seven represents what the questioner fears. Card eight represents family opinion. Card nine represents the questioner’s hopes and guidance. Card ten represents the final out come.
  3. The 22 Major Arcana cards start with 0 The Fool representing the beginning of the journey of life, and ends with 21 The World card. The Major Arcana represent the levels of life experiences. The Minor Arcana are suits, Wands (creative), Cups (emotions), Swords (strife), and Pentacles (prosperity). Each card in a Tarot deck has positive and negative attributes. The meaning of each card depends on whether it is laid down upright or upside down.
  4. Read the cards in the layout considering the position, orientation, and meaning of the card. For instance, the Ace of Cups is upright as the tenth card (final outcome) in the Celtic Cross Spread. This would read as an abundance of love for the questioner.       


  • There are many different interpretations of Tarot cards and many different layouts. The more you use the Tarot cards the greater your understanding of how the cards relate to each other will be. Start each reading with a short meditation to center yourself and calm your mind. In time, you will be filled with an energy that allows you to see beyond what the Tarot cards tell you.


  • Tarot cards are not a game. When you read for a questioner you must be aware of the responsibility you have to be truthful and the influence a reading can have on a life. Never express yourself in a way that will make the questioner fearful. No matter the situation, there is always hope, faith, and miracles.
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