How To Interpret Your Hcv Viral Load

If you would like to know how to interpret your Hcv viral load, you would need to understand the specific measurement that indicates the quantity present in the blood. A viral load test refers to the measurement of the Hepatitis C virus genetic material that is found in the blood. The viral genetic material will signify that this particular virus is duplicating itself, while infecting new cells in the process.

If you tested positive from exposure to Hcv, a viral load test is customarily conducted. A viral load test is commonly measured in International Units per milliliter.

To interpret your Hcv viral load, these three tests are usually conducted:

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR)
  • Branched Chain DNA (bDNA)
  • Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA)
  1. Polymerase Chain Reaction. A PCR test is used to locate the presence of the Hcv genetic material in the blood. This quantitative test is often used to show that the Hcv infection is in progress. The measurement in a PCR test typically ranges from five to ten International Units per milliliter.
  2. Branched Chain DNA. The Branched Chain viral load testing is a technique that measures above 50 IU/ML. Therefore if your viral load is below 50 IU/ML, this test will not locate the presence of Hcv in the blood.
  3. Transcription Mediated Amplification. This test usually measures Hcv from five to ten International Units per milliliter. The TMA is well reputed for its ease of use, and for giving accurate results.

Your Hcv viral load can be interpreted as either high or low, and is conveyed as copies/ML or International Units (IU/ML). For example, a low viral load is reported to be less than two million copies; a high viral load would be more than two million copies and so on. These three tests can be used to locate the presence of the viral load in the RNA. Depending on the test used, a viral load can sometimes be undetected.






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